Sibérie Perfumes Review

These days, I can’t get enough of the indie perfume oils. I am excited to be reviewing Sibérie Perfumes as I have had a couple bottles forever and been meaning to review them.

Sibérie ( which is pronounced ( si-bee-ree) has a large offering of perfume oils ( over 100) and has something for everyone. There are several scent categories for vanillas, musks, spices, leathers, florals, fruity, ozone, gothic inspired, unisex etc..They have a website and Etsy Shop. Each fragrance ( except Sang Des Dragons) retails for $10.95 ( 5ml) to $12.95 ( 15ml).

As started on their website..and I totally agree with this philosophy below, if I smell D&G Light Blue on another woman I think I will go crazy!

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Sibérie Perfumes all began with a love for alchemy & the olfactive arts.

Sibérie Perfumes is dedicated to bringing you exquisite artisan fragrances that you won’t find in a department store. Who wants to smell like everyone else? Perfume embodies your emotions and character. Each scent makes you feel a different way. It should define you in that particular moment.

Source: Purchased and also received samples from the company.

Let’s begin our review…


Description: This mysterious & alluring elixir is intoxicatingly sexy. Dragon’s Blood Resin has been used for centuries to invoke personal power, enhance spells & potions and bless us with the most sensuous fragrance used in ancient perfumery. Deeply seductive notes of pure aged dragon’s blood resin, sandalwood, gardenia & orris ( violet note) with teases of cassia ( light warm cinnamon note), woodsmoke, bourbon vanilla & earthy patchouli. A dark fragrance that is hauntingly beautiful.

Review:  Wow, if you love Dragon’s Blood based fragrances or incense, then this one is for you! Sang Des Dragons opens with rich notes of spiced cinnamon blended with some intensely sexy floral incense notes. In the first 10 minutes I could smell the dragon’s blood and spiced cinnamon and then some gorgeous floral notes of gardenia and jasmine started to shine and soften the blend. I also smell an amazing woodsmoke scent lingering in the background. This reminds me of the smell of wood burning fireplaces in the winter time which I love. It’s subtle but it’s there in the background. On the dry down after about half  an hour, the base notes of patchouli and a warm sweet vanilla develop and tie everything together beautifully. The shop uses aged Dragon’s Blood resin that has been crushed into a powder and blended with amber resins to achieve this unique scent ( see the photo). So what exactly is Dragon’s Blood resin you ask? It is described a mysterious, alluring blend that has warming notes of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli, lightened up with layers of romantic notes such as rose, and jasmine. Surprisingly, this fragrance does not smell like a head shop, it’s really more of a sexy, deep, dark perfume that would be incredible for the Fall or Winter. This was my first trial of a dragon’s blood perfume and I must say that I am very intrigued by this scent and it will be a staple in my perfume collection. Oh and it lasted all day! I applied it once in the morning and could still catch whiffs of it by 5 pm!

Final Thoughts: Love this! A must have Fall/Winter fragrance for anyone who like sexy dark fragrances. Great staying power. This one was provided to me by the shop.

Product Photos: ( taken from Sibérie Perfumes website)



Description: Sultry, sweet and spicy this decadent elixir has notes of the most delicious aged bourbon vanilla, caramelized marshmallows with a piquant swirl of dark clove, cardamom & cinnamon. The soft dry down eludes femininity with a caress of golden amber & sensuous Australian sandalwood. An intriguing blend for an intriguing individual.

Review:  From the bottle, Ma Contessa is a warm spiced vanilla that is reminiscent almost of a pumpkin spice latte. There is no pumpkin in it and I don’t smell any pumpkin, but you know those warm gingerbread type notes that remind you of everything that comes with the Fall. I’ve never been a big vanilla lover in fragrances as they tend to go sour on my skin but I must say that this one is really decadent. Not too sweet or sickening, but perfectly intertwined with yummy spiced notes. At first application, I get very warm zesty top notes of cardamom, clove and cinnamon that are warmed up by a really pretty amber aroma. As the spices settle down, the amber, vanilla and sandalwood start to create a beautiful warm and creamy scent on my skin.This one also lasted about 6 hours and the dry down produced a really nice earthy sandalwood with some teases of warm vanilla. I do adore sandalwood so I was really pleased that it had its chance to shine in the fragrance.

Final Thoughts: Love it, would purchase again as it’s a vanilla I actually like. Not my typical purchase as I gravitate towards florals, but this was a well blended spiced vanilla. If you love vanilla based fragrances then this one would likely be a winner with you! This one was provided to me by the shop.

Product Photo: ( taken from Sibérie Perfumes website)



Description: Emmeline is a refreshing, clean floral fragrance for a whimsical gal ( or gent). Subtle and charming, this elixir has fresh notes of green tea, Moroccan mint, romantic petals of white orchid and freesia all balanced by fruity notes of juicy pear and apple.

Review: This one is really interesting. I’m not a fan of green tea fragrances, but somehow this one seems to work me. Upon first sniff, this one is certainly fresh and uplifting. Right away I can smell the Moroccan Mint and fruit notes of apple and juicy pear. In the first 10 minutes of applying it, the mint settles down very quickly and the pear and freesia stand out. Luckily, I am not getting too much of the green tea note, it’s there for sure, but it’s not one of the dominant notes which makes me very happy. Ahhhh, those orchids and freesia are so beautiful together creating a very fresh, almost ozonic scent. About 15 minutes in, all the notes are in sync with each other and creating a fresh clean blend that has me wanting more. As I mentioned above, the green tea is faint, but that’s just fine my me. I really think this is a great fragrance for spring and summer. It faded in about 5 hours which is not bad at all and I re-applied again before going out for an evening with the gals. Two of them did compliment me on my perfume so I can see this being a hit with people who like clean fresh scents. Dare I say that the crowd that likes D&G Light Blue might find this one totally up their alley!

Final Thoughts: Like it, if fresh and clean is your thing, you will enjoy this.This one was purchased my be.

Product Photo: ( taken from Sibérie Perfumes website)



Description: Inspired by Morgana Pendragon from Merlin. A hauntingly beautiful elixir of delicate tuberose, wild freesia & warm amber teased by bewitching notes of dragon’s blood resin & a whisper of sensuous sandalwood. A hypnotic blend that pays tribute to the bewitching Morgana

Review: Ahhh Morgana, you had me at first whiff. I might be a little bias about this one as I was a huge fan of the TV show Merlin. As I mentioned earlier, I gravitate towards lush floral fragrance and Morgana is totally it for me. I adore tuberose, I usually wear Tom Ford’s Velvet Gardenia which has a gorgeous melange of Gardenia and Tuberose, so Morgana appealed to me from the get go. Morgana opens with fresh romantic florals of tuberose and freesia. Freesia is such a fresh and clean note and it plays well in the blend. At the 10 minute mark, I can get soft whiffs of that deep Dragon’s Blood resin that Sibérie is known for. It adds a touch of almost an incense note, but nothing too strong or overpowering and it ties in beautifully with the other florals. On the dry down, I can smell the sandalwood and amber peaking through and creating a soft romantic base that supports the entire fragrance. Hypnotic it is and yes it perfectly fits the Morgana character in Merlin. Well done Sibérie.

Final Thoughts: Must have! Love it! I will purchase this again and again. it will be a regular in my perfume repository.

Product Photos: ( taken from Sibérie Perfume website)


Where to buy:


Etsy Shop

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